You may sometimes need to view or edit Thunderbird preference settings which are not accessible through the normal user interface. You can use Thunderbird's "config editor" to do this. Uncheck the "Show this warning next time" box if you don't want to see the warning again, then click I'll be careful, I promise! I accept the risk! In the config editor, you can type a string in the "Search" field to filter the list of preferences to only those that contain the specified string in their names or values.

To reset a preference to its default value, right-click on it and select Reset. In rare cases you may need to add a new preference. You shouldn't need to do this unless you are instructed to do so by documentation for Thunderbird or one of its add-ons. To add a new preference, right-click anywhere within the list of preferences, select the New menu item, and then select the appropriate sub-menu item for the type of preference you need to create.

To delete a previously added preference, Reset it as described above. Modifications to preferences happen immediately, which means you don't have to click a Save button.

However, some parts of Thunderbird or many add-ons only read their preferences on start-up, so it is good practice to restart Thunderbird after editing preferences for your changes to take effect. Note: A restart requires all windows to be closed, including the config editor window and Options Preferences windows in addition to the main Thunderbird window! It is also important to know that when you restore a preference to its default value, Thunderbird does not store that preference in the preferences file.

It is only non-default preferences that are stored. Grow and share your expertise with others. Answer questions and improve our knowledge base. Search Support Search.

pubg config editor

Home Thunderbird Customize controls, Thunderbird options, Config Editor. Please take this warning seriously; it is possible to make Thunderbird unusable by changing preferences in the config editor; therefore please proceed with caution. Was this article helpful? Volunteer Grow and share your expertise with others. Learn More.Make a Pubg logo online. Enter your business name and create a stunning Pubg logo tailored just for you. Try it free! Create a professional pubg logo in minutes with our free pubg logo maker.

BrandCrowd logo maker is easy to use and allows you full customization to get the pubg logo you want! By proceeding you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Logo Maker Pubg Logos. Business name. Create logos. Logo Styles. Font style. More Less. Shortlist logos Click to save your favourite logos. Got it! Orange Tiger. Claw Shield.

pubg config editor

Black Skull Wings. Esports Gaming Tiger Flame. Esports Gaming Warrior Helmet.

Make your own Config#pubg mobile#pubg mobile lite#Fix lag/Lag FiX config kaise banaye in Hindi

Esport Gaming Bomb Wasp. Royal Lion. Blue Tiger. Gaming Viking Esports Clan. Blue Knight Shield. Barbarian Devil Esports Clan. Skull Star Helmet. Gaming Clan Esports Helmet. Insect Grenade. Blue Infantry Helmet. Gym Skull. Power Skull. Black Alien Skull. Handwritten Brown Text Font. Black Angry Tiger. Spartan Helmet. Hexagon Spartan. Modern Orange EG. Black Wing Skull.By johnrr6September 16, in Bug Reports.

Config Editor

This worked perfectly the first time I did it. But not PUBG anymore. Any suggestions anyone?? I use a Hybrid setup with a controller in my left hand with commands mapped in X-Padder and an 8 Button mouse in my right I rarely use the keyboard. And now PUBG totally interferes with this. Some kind of new patch released?? This affects MANY folks with disabilities as well You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Bug Reports Search In. Is there NO way to turn off controller support?? By johnrr6September 16, in Bug Reports controller support. Recommended Posts. Posted September 16, edited. After searching I found this from member B Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Tidak heran game PUBG sejak dari dulu menjadi salah satu game favorit para pecinta game. Nah jika pada settingan grafis untuk kualitas low nya saja sudah bagus, bagaimana dengan settingan grafis game PUBG untuk hingh nya.

PUBG Config

Hmm pastinya sudah bisa kamu bayangkan bahwa game PUBG memiliki kualitas grafis yang tidak ada bandingannya, terlebih untuk PUBG mobile versi Timi nya, yang pastinya memiliki kualitas yang sangat bagus, pada map miramarnya memiliki kualitas yang sangat bagus sama seperti dengan kualitas seperti bermian game PUBG di PC.

Untuk itu jika kamu ingin melakukan settingan high di PUBG untuk mendapatkan kualitas grafis yang sangat bagus maka kamu minimal harus memiliki HP dengan spek super duper dengan kapasitas RAM yang besar.

HP dengan spek tinggi yang untuk melakukan settingan high di PUBG tentunya dibandrol dengan harga yang lumayan mahal, dan hal itu tidak semoa orang bisa membeli HP dengan kualitas spek tinggi. Caranya cukup mudah yaitu kamu hanya perlu melakukan beberapa settingan dengan merubah config grafis yang ada di game PUBG. Cara membuat config di PUBG bisa kamu lakukan dengan mudah, hanya saja ada beberapa settingan yang cukup sulit dan kamu harus bisa sabar dalam mengconvert dan tes config.

Config di PUBG Mobile adalah settingan grafis yang berupa dokumen, yang bisa kamu edit secara manual sesuai dengan yang kamu inginkan. Nah untuk foldernya sendiri kamu tidak perlu khawatir, karena folder dalam PUBG bisa kamu temukan dengan mudah.

Nah mungkin ada dari pembaca artikel ini yang penasaran mengenai settingan config grafis di PUBG apakah akan beresiko banned atau tidak. Jawabannya tidak alasannya karena config cuman sekedar ganti kualitas grafis di PUBG dan bukan hal yang ilegal. Ada beberapa keuntungan yang bisa kamu dapatkan saat kamu melakukan config di PUBG mobile, diantaranya sebagai berikut :. Silahkan kamu download langsung dibawah ini. Terima kasih dan semoga bermanfaat. Skip to content. Daftar Isi. Send this to a friend.

Send Cancel.As soon as there is no competitive scene at this moment, we will focus on top streamers from twitch. We will try to keep this site up-to-date with regular settings. If you want to add a player, please feel free to contact us with your source for example, a twitch channel with some useful information about the player.

You should also know that players even pro change theirs settings regularly. If you notice that something is not up to date, contact us. We will verify your information and modify the player page.

Firstly, we are not native speakers, if you find an English mistake, contact us. Secondly, we are participating at the Amazon Affiliate Program. In other words, when you click to a link for example, mouse used by summt1g when he plays playerunknown battlegroundwe will redirect you to the amazon store so that you can check the price of the mouse.

If you buy it from in 24 hours, we will get a little commission. Hopefully, we will be able to pay the hosting and to organize some giveaways follow us on Twitter or Facebook if you want to participate. As you may know, gears such as the mouse, dpi, mousepad, and keyboard are important when you play a first person shooter game.

Nevertheless, your aim will not automatically increase because you use the same mouse than Dr Disrespect. In order to improve your aim and your PUBG gameplaywe will try to gather resources and write articles.

If you want to propose an article, feel free to contact us. About us Firstly, we are not native speakers, if you find an English mistake, contact us. Older posts.Especially if your PC is somewhat old. This is where PUBG optimization can come in very handy in allowing you to have a fun time without the frustration of stutters and dropped frames.

Now, when you go to the TslGame. Hopefully soon. Check back here for news on this. PUBG is actually capped at fps. Particularly if you have a monitor that runs at frequencies higher than Hz.

Note : if your system is mid to low level, I recommend leaving the original FPS cap in place. Sets the refresh rate of the game. You should set this to whatever refresh rate your monitor is capable of. Sets the maximum amount of RAM the game can use to the specified amount in Megabytes. In this case 13GB. Tells the game to let Windows manage the memory allocation.

Is pretty self explanatory. This is old and most likely the game does this on its own now. This tells the game to use DX10 instead of DX11, which will eliminate some graphic features, some of which are apparently distracting, such as scope reflections. Having this setting will provide a nice FPS boost.

Remove this if you want your game to look quite a bit better better textures, less jagged edges, more realistic grass etc. Look, I know you wanna make the game faster cause you REALLY want your chicken dinner, but let me preface this by saying that you should consider where your enjoyment of this game is coming from. The graphics turned all the way to ultra are beautiful, and they make for a really realistic experience especially in FPP — first person play mode. The realism of the graphics makes the game even a little scarier at times.

pubg config editor

If all you think about is the chicken dinner however, you should optimize your game using these settings:. I would recommend not touching any other setting. Currently there is a bug: if you changed this value, even after you bring it back to the original value in-game, the decimal points in the config file are going to be non-zero, which will still affect performance. To fix this, you need to go in the config file GameUserSettings. Hopefully this guide will make it easier for you to frag like Shroudor at least make your game more fluid.

I have an intel pentium G 3. A year ago, with these specs i could run pubg at fps with little stutters, but now i struggle getting over 60 fps, my average is between fps.As with most PC games, there are a lot of optimization options that help enhance gameplay. A lot of the changes and alterations are time-consuming, but well-worth the final product. At the top right of your screen in the main menu, navigate to the gear icon.

You should immediately see the graphics menu to change your settings. From here you can change your resolution, brightness, and other visual quality assets. Turn shadows down as much as possible. Just go to a minimum no matter what your PC is.

Less foliage means less chances of other players blending in. Absolutely turn this off unless you prefer the feel that motion blur offers a better gaming experience for your taste. Optimize your graphics card settings if you have one. First, open your Steam Library, navigate down to the game and right-click it.

Select properties, then locate Steam Launch Options. This also can have a significant effect on FPS. Post-Processing This just adds a little bit more graphics to buildings and the plants. Set it to Very Low. Shadows Turn shadows down as much as possible. Foliage Just go to a minimum no matter what your PC is. Motion Blur Absolutely turn this off unless you prefer the feel that motion blur offers a better gaming experience for your taste. V-Sync Turn this off unless you have a good computer but if you have a good one, why are you here?

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