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Hisense Air Conditioner manuals

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hisense split air conditioner user manual

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Don't show this popup again. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. O General Cassette split ac 2. O General Cassette split ac 1. Be the first to review this product.

O General Window and Split Systems are covered for 12 months for the entire units and five years for the compressor from date of invoice. The warranty is applicable on original components only and against manufacturing defects, labor and consumables are excluded.

Unit under warranty must be installed, maintained and operated as per manufacturer manuals. Availability: In stock. SKU Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Cassette type will look nice in your interior, because the face panel only will showed.

The benefit of cassette type that air distributing by four directions, what will provide proper cooling distribution around the room.

hisense split air conditioner user manual

You're reviewing: O General Cassette split ac 1. Submit Review.Content: When the evaporator pipe temperature is higher than 63C, the error code will display. Content: When the indoor fan speed is lower than rpm, the error code will display. Each index value shows corresponding content,as follows:. It flashes as many times as the number of the trouble code is.

NOTE: A damaged power supply cord must be replaced with a new power supply cord obtained from the product manufacturer and must not be repaired. Analysis: If strong interference from excessive static electricity discharge, power supply voltage abnormality presents, operation will be abnormal. At this time, disconnect from the power supply and connect back seconds later. Analysis: This odor may come from another source such as furniture, cigarette etc, which is sucked in the unit and blows out with the air.

Analysis: The sound may be generated by the expansion or contraction of the front panel due to change of temperature. Trouble: The compressor indicator red lights on constantly, and indoor fan stops.

Analysis: The unit is shifting from heating mode to defrost. The indicator will lights off within ten minutes and returns to heating mode. The sensor reading is not functioning. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Avril Roberts. Hisense btu E4 error what can I do to resolve October 10, Reply.

JoAnn Irrgang. What does E5 mean…. Patricia Barry. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Necessary Always Enabled. Wire remote controller temperature sensor failure. Change wire remote controller.Enjoy the benefits of Silver Ion Filter technology for cleaner air, free from bacteria and impurities. When the heat of summer hits, Eco Mode offers energy saving performance to help you save on bills and energy.

A Hisense Heat Pump Air Conditioner offers the best of both worlds, keeping your home chilled in summer and warm in winter. Heat Pump Air Conditioning units work by absorbing heat energy from the outside air and transferring the heat into your home. This dual functionality makes it ideal for seasonal climates that have cold winters and warm summers.

Hisense Dehumidifier and Portable Air Conditioner - Connect to WIFI by Android phone

There are three units to choose from, each with varying power, including 2. With a Silver Ion Filter, it eliminates air impurities and bacteria, making the air in your room fresh and clean.

Eco Mode offers energy saving performance, while I FEEL Mode boasts a temperature sensor that automatically adjusts room temperature for maximum comfort. Need help or advice on an Hisense product? Choose one of the following ways to contact our Hisense Customer Care team. A Breath of Fresh Air. Silver Ion Filter. Eco Mode. Quiet Mode. Hisense Customer Care Need help or advice on an Hisense product?

Choose your region.Need codes for AC remote control? Lost your AC remote? If you have an air conditioner that uses a remote control and you need the codes, here is a list of universal remote codes. This code list will help you program your old or new universal remote to operate your air conditioner. If you have lost your air conditioner remote and bought a universal AC remote, the codes we have listed will work with your brand of air conditioner. Buy universal air conditioner remote control here.

Air Conditioner Remote Control Codes. Arena Air Conditioner Codes Arlec Air Conditioner Codes Aussie Air Air Conditioner Codes Aux Air Conditioner Codes Blueway Air Conditioner Codes Carrier Air Conditioner Codes Celestial Air Conditioner Codes Changhong Air Conditioner Codes Chigo Air Conditioner Codes Conia Air Conditioner Codes Daewoo Air Conditioner Codes Daikin Air Conditioner Codes Electrolux Air Conditioner Codes Emailair Air Conditioner Codes Fujitsu Air Conditioner Codes Goldstar Air Conditioner Codes Gree Air Conditioner Codes Haier Air Conditioner Codes Heller Air Conditioner Codes Hisense Air Conditioner Codes Hitachi Air Conditioner Codes Hotpoint Air Conditioner Codes Hyundai Air Conditioner Codes Kelon Air Conditioner Codes Kelvinator Air Conditioner Codes LG Air Conditioner Codes McQuay Air Conditioner Codes Midea Air Conditioner Codes Misakae Air Conditioner Codes Mirage Air Conditioner Codes Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Codes This air conditioner provides with cooling, heating, and drying functions.

Details of the functions are below; refer to these descriptions when using the air conditioner. Compact Size This model is smaller than its predecessors and yet offers the same capabilities. Microprocessor Controlled Operation The interior compartment of the remote control unit contains several features to facilitate automatic operation, clearly displayed for easy use. Contents Pardon not to inform you if the contents of the manual changes. We recommend that this air conditioner be installed properly by qualified installation technicians in accordance with the installation instructions provided with the unit.

Before installation, check if the voltage of the electric supply in your home or office is the same as the voltage shown on the nameplate. Do not install the air conditioner where there are fumes or flammable gases, or in an extremely humid space such as a greenhouse. Composition of the Air Conditioner 1. You can control the air conditioner with the remote control unit.

Some radio equipment may cause maIfunction of the unit. Slide the cover in the direction indicated by the arrow and remove it. Install two AAA alkaline batteries. Make sure the batteries point in the direction m arked in the battery compartment. Use a thin object such as the tip of a pen to press the ACL button. If the automatic operation settings of the unit do not meet your needs, press the setting buttons as described below and change the settings as desired.

Adjusting the Fan Speed A. A microcomputer in the air conditioner automatically controls the fan speed when the AUTO mode is selected. When the air co nditioner starts operating, the difference between the room temperature RT and the set temperature T is detected by the microcomputer which then automatically switches the fan speed to the most suitable level.

Adjusting the Airflow Direction 1. Vertical The horizontal airflow can be adjusted by moving the vertical vanes with your hands to the left or right.

When the humidity is high, the vertical vanes should be in the front position during the cooling or dehumidifying operation. If the vertical vanes are positioned all of the way to the right or left, condensation may begin to form around the air vent and drip down.

hisense split air conditioner user manual

The mark appears in the display. The display depicted at left indicates that the air conditioner will begin operating in three hours. Using the 1-Hour OFF Timer This function causes the unit to operate for one hour and then stop, regardless of whether the unit is on or off when this button is pressed. The 1HOUR indicator in the display indicates that this function is operating.

Setting procedure: C Regardless of whether the unit is operating or stopped, press the 1 HR. TIMER button. If sufficient heat cannot be obtained with this air conditioner, use another heating appliance in conjunction with it. Operation without the Remote Control Unit If you have lost the remote control unit or it has trouble, follow the steps below. Care and Cleaning continued Anti-Mold Filter How to remove the anti-mold filter The anti-mode filter behind the air intake grille should be checked and cleaned at least once every three weeks.

Grasp both ends of the air intake grille and pull it out and up. Push the anti-mold filter up slightly, and then pull it down. Air intake grille Anti-mold filter Anti-Mold Filter Cleaning How to replace the anti-mold filter Use a vacuum cleaner to remove light dust. If they are obstructed, the unit will not work well, and may be damaged.

Use sunshades, blinds or curtains. If the walls and ceiling of the room are warmed by the sun, it will take longer time to cool the room.My split AC is leaking water inside. What causes a split system air conditioner to leak? How do you fix a leaking AC? One of the most common reasons a split aircon leaks water is because of a blocked drainage pipe. This drain pipe lets the condensation from the AC unit drip down and away from the unit.

When this drain pipe gets clogged, the water will drip from the bottom of the AC unit. Is water dripping from your indoor split AC wall unit? The AC drainage pipe can become clogged from dirt or dust. If your AC just started leaking water, most likely the drain pipe is clogged. The best solution is to clean the AC and the complete drainage system.

Need help cleaning out your split system AC wall unit? NOTE: This air conditioning water leak repair is assuming the drain pipe is clogged and causing the leak….

After the drain pipe has been cleaned, you can check the drainage to test the system for leaks. To perform this test see the image below…. What else can cause an AC water leak? Dust that has accumulated in the AC and in the condensate tray can block the flow of water to the drainage system therefore causing water to leak out.

Is the split AC still leaking water? You may have other issues besides a drain pipe leakage problem. Other common issues are uncapped hoses, excess dirt in system, clogged or a burnt drain pump, tubing within the AC are the wrong size, kinked hoses, etc.

If your AC is still leaking water after performing the suggested steps? Please let us know your AC model number using the form below and we can assist with troubleshooting your issue.

Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDC Air Conditioner

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hisense split air conditioner user manual

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